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Thanks to the combination of young visionaries and experienced industry experts, we know exactly what is important when bending.

Our mission.

In our opinion, it was time to question the existing technology and revolutionize the long folding machine. The EVOBEND project was founded with the aim of developing the best machines for sheet metal processing. With our double bender, we presented the first of our revolutionary products. We wanted to move away from inefficient hydraulics to clean, economical, and maintenance-friendly electronics.

Our company.

Our strength lies in the diversity of our team. Founded by young visionaries with the support of industry experts, we understand the requirements of modern sheet metal processing very well and develop our machines accordingly. The joy of work is very important to us and we are fortunate to have motivated and capable team members on board.

We see ourselves as a young and modern company. Factors such as efficiency in every respect, sustainability, and occupational safety are decisive selection criteria when purchasing machines, and our machines are built with these factors in mind. We're the right choice for companies that want to develop and modernize themselves. Everyone who works with or is thinking about working with bending machines should get to know our products. If you're in the area, we love having guests at our headquarters in Ainring, Germany!

Emanuel Allerberger

Emanuel Allerberger

Founder and CEO

Reinhard Franze

Reinhard Franze



Every beginning is difficult.

After a long lead time, the EVOBEND project was put into motion by founding a company. Within the first few years after the company was founded, we spent all our time and effort on research and development.


Development and testing.

After almost two years of development and extensive tests, we presented our double bender to the industry for the first time at the “DACH und HOLZ 2020” trade fair in Stuttgart. We were enthusiastic about the amount of interest in our product and the consistently positive response.

First delivery

The first customers.

Despite the global crisis, the first delivery occurred in March 2020, under high security precautions. Since then, the first EVOBEND machine has been used daily in a well-known roofing and plumbing company. To this day, it produces a wide variety of profiles of all kinds.

A successful year

A lot of trust despite difficult times.

In 2020 we were able to establish ourselves in the market, despite the global crisis. We were also able to enter into our first trading partnerships. A dozen customers have already placed their trust in us and have not been disappointed.

In demand worldwide

The first machine outside of Europe.

At the beginning of the new year, we started global expansion together with our regional partners. Our first machine outside of Europe is going to the USA. We look forward to continued cooperation and growth with our partners around the world.

Further development

We're just getting started.

In addition to the introduction of our other types of EVOBEND, we are also constantly working on the development of new product lines. Our engineers are always on the lookout for new ideas that will facilitate and simplify work on everything related to sheet metal processing. So, stay tuned!

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