Long folding machine

Of the future

Uncompromisingly Innovative.

EVOBEND - The world novelty in the field of long folding machines. Years of development work guarantee unrivaled bending quality and flexibility. Discover this and many other advantages of the revolutionary EVOBEND!

Bending length

3200 mm

4746 mm

6400 mm

8054 mm

Work performance

Steel ≤ 2 mm 380N/mm2

Aluminium ≤ 3 mm 200N/mm2

Stainless steel ≤ 1,25 mm 600N/mm2

Insertion depth1250 mm
Total depth1880 mm
Total height1875 mm
Total length

6146 mm

bending machine ever built.

The new EVOBEND double bending machine is the result of decades of experience and years of research and development.

300° bending freedom

80% lower energy costs


Highest safety standards

Nearly maintenance-free and sustainable

Unique special functions

Unmatched precision

Unmatched bending freedom

300° bending freedom (150° up- and downwards), standing seam parts up to 180° without manual intervention

Time and cost savings

Leg ratio 1:2

More flexibility through special functions

5X less energy consumption

Fully electric

Significantly reduced electricity costs

Low heat generation due to ball bearings

Environmentally friendly and sustainable

No cooling required

Safe bending

Modern full fairing

No swiveling out of the bending beam

Innovative security fences

Improved working conditions, thanks to quieter operation

Minimal maintenance

Low maintenance costs with less service requirements

Fewer installed individual parts

Hydraulics free — no need to swap hoses and oil

Uncomplicated remote maintenance

Uncompromising innovation

Patented bending technology with unique special functions

Reduced noise exposure ensures more comfort and less stress

Software with cloud functionality

Efficient space planning

Smaller overall size with the same insertion depth

30% less space consumption

Pivoting & retractable security fences

Ideal when space is limited

New bending system
Swivel bending machine

The patented double bending system developed by us enables unrivaled freedom of bending while also protecting the sheet metal.

300° bending freedom

The EVOBEND opens up new possibilities for you. You can act more flexibly, more creatively and, above all, more efficiently in profile creation. The maximum amount of bending freedom allows the most detailed profiles to be automatically produced.

Trace free bending

Of course, under the magnifying glass, you will always be able to see traces. This is simply the case when bending sheet metal because the tool is in contact with the material. Until now, the bending beams have folded the sheets by means of pivoting movements. However, these movements caused permanent damage to the sheet metal profiles. The “rubbing” of the bending tools on the sheet metal is now a thing of the past! By “rolling” the bending tool on the basis of calculated bending curves, only the smallest marks appear on the workpiece. This means that our tool is always in one line on the sheet metal, so there is no chafing movement.

Additional advantages

Thanks to our new bending system, you can work with the EVOBEND in a more sustainable way. 80% less energy costs leave you with a handsome amount of savings at the end of the year. Our bending system also enables very quiet and pleasant machine operation, so no more headaches after work! Our machine also has improved occupational safety, a higher level of precision, and better repeatability.

Intuitive and simple controls

Just like the machine itself, its software is the result of years of research and development.

Easy work

Even the best software, with thousands of functions, is of no use if only experts can operate it! We turn every user into an expert with uncomplicated operating elements.

Remote support

If you have any questions or problems, just ask! We will take care of your concerns while we have direct online access to your machine. No more waiting for a visit from the service technician!




Low operating costs

5X less energy consumption

Significantly reduced maintenance costs

Higher level of automation in profile creation

Maximized repeat accuracy and less scrap

Trace free bending

Hardly visible traces due to special tool geometries

Higher quality end products

Problem-free assembly of profiles due to increased accuracy

Well suited for sensitive materials

Pleasant work experience

Low noise level

Intuitive controls

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Comparable competition

Higher operating costs

Higher energy consumption

Regular maintenance

Increased space requirements

Bending marks

Clearer marks on the workpiece

Clean. Economical. Electric.


Our machines
and the environment

100% electric
Up to 5X less energy consumption.

Hydraulic free
(No hydraulic oil)

Made in Germany
Most of the supply chain operates within Germany.

Of course, it is important that a machine uses as little energy as possible to keep electricity costs down. With almost unbelievable savings of 80%, we have set a new benchmark. But it's not just about the money. This is another step in the right direction for sustainability. Take care of the environment, and your wallet, at the same time! Our machine's lower energy costs mean you don't have to worry about high disposal costs, high maintenance fees, or straining the environment.

Some of our satisfied customers.

Buyback service
For your old machine

In order to make the switch economically easier for you, we will buy back machines in good condition. These used machines are checked, overhauled, and sold by us. You don't have to worry about your old machine at all. We make switching as easy as it should be.

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For your new machine

A new machine for your sheet metal processing always means a new investment. To make this important step easier for you, EVOBEND offers a comprehensive portfolio of financing models for your machine.

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