EVOBEND – the world novelty in the field of long-folding machines. Many years of development work guarantee unrivalled quality and flexibility in bending. In addition to highest energy efficiency, the new machine also ensures your industrial safety by means of servo-electric safety fences. Discover these and many more advantages of the revolutionary EVOBEND.


The revolutionary and patented bending system enables bending freedom never seen before. Bends up to 300° (150° “up and down”), which are a major problem with other long-folding machines, are considered standard on the EVOBEND. Thus, it is possible to produce more demanding sheet metal profiles at low cost.

Every owner of a long-folding machine knows the problem that during the bending process the bending cheek rubs over the sheet metal resulting in scratches. There is almost no more damage to the workpieces on the EVOBEND.

These facts allow a significant saving of time and therefore also costs during the bending process.


By taking spatial planning into account as early as the development stage, we achieve significant advantages. Compared to other long-folding bending machines, the EVOBEND requires considerably less space.

Steadily rising premises expenses are a decisive factor nowadays. You will be surprised by how much space your conventional bending machine takes up compared to an EVOBEND.

Contact us and we will support you with individual space planning to make the best use of the available space.